January 16, 2023

How to sell access to private group on Telegram with telegr.store

After you’ve set up your bot with telegr.store you may start adding different products One of the most requested feature of telegr.store is selling access to private groups. If you have a private group (a chat, not a channel) you may add a paywall - your subscribers would need to pay to access the group. Since Telegram added topics to groups, that might be a great way to monetize your community. Read more

January 15, 2023

How to create Telegram payment bot and connect it to telegr.store

In this post you’ll learn how to create a Telegram bot, connect payments to it and host it on telegr.store. Here is a video version of this manual Creating a bot Telegram created a special bot called BotFather (a reference to a famous film “God Father”) that gives birth to all other bot in the platform. Open Telegram client in the desktop (it’s more convenient to set up bot from that desktop than from mobile) and search for BotFather in the search menu. Read more

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