August 8, 2022

How to find a channel in Telegram

There are four ways to find a channel in Telegram.

One of the main features users like most is channels. It’s like public pages on social media or standalone websites that allow to get information in the messenger itself. This is how you can find a channel.

Telegram clients on desktop and smartphones have a search function – use it to find individual messages, chats, and channels. Just type in the channel’s name or a keyword. The results appear under the bar, and you need to click on one of them.

But the built-in search is quite unreliable and not always finds what you want. Especially if a channel’s name differs much from its “login”


As Telegram rises, 3rd party catalogs appear. They aggregate different content, including channels and public chats. They allow you to find a certain channel and serve as a discovery tool.

Follow one of the link below to browse a catalog. These catalogs are interdependent and neither have a whole view of Telegram ecosystem.


Telegram Store

Search bot

You may search for channels without leaving Telegram using SearcheeBot.

Add the bot using this link, hit start, choose your language and browse channels by category or select “Search in all categories”.

The bot will send you the channel’s description and a link to it.

Google and other conventional search engines scan and index publicly available descriptions of Telegram channel. Just type your keyword and append telegram to it, and you’ll see some SERP entries to point to channels.

Start your own Telegram store bot at

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