September 4, 2022

How to find and listen to music in Telegram

There are a number of bots in music Telegram which you can use to listen to any song. It’s a grey area in terms of copyright, so please use it for demonstration purposes and support the artists you listen to through different means.

All the bots may connect to VK account if you have one. Without the account, the bots can search a vast music library on VK and have top chart with new and popular music.

  • @youaudiobot
  • @MyMusicBot
  • @vkm_bot
  • @vkm4bot

How to use bots

Interfaces of the bots are mostly in Russian, so I’ll explain how to use them even if don’t know the language

Open Telegram client and search for @youaudiobot

Hit start

In the lower part of the screen you’ll see 4 buttons, one is for Popular chart, another is New music

Another bot has a search function. Search for @vkm4bot

Hit start. The bot automatically detect your language preference and has English version

Send a message with a search query and bot will get back with the results - click on one of the buttons, and you’ll get a message with audio

And don’t forget to support your favorite artists!

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