August 7, 2022

How to download a voice message in Telegram

While you cannot forward a voice message from Telegram to any other messenger, the only option is to save to your device to use later.

In this article you’ll find how to save voice message from Telegram on Android, iOS, browser and desktop client Telegram developers tried to minimize the differences between the clients, but these differences exist due to platforms themselves.


Unfortunately, you cannot save voice messages in Android client. The reason might be privacy and security settings on such devices. But you can use the built-in file browser to get access to the files.

  1. Open a file browser built-in your Android OS and search for Telegram folder
  2. You’ll find “Telegram Audio” folder inside. All the voice messages can be found there
  3. Find the one you need, select it, by pressing on it for a couple of seconds. A share button will appear
  4. Select a recipient. You can forward it to your email to store for later use


  1. Open a chat and find the voice message
  2. Press on the message for a couple of seconds and choose “select”

  1. Once the message is selected (it should have a blue checkmark next to it) you may share it with the share icon (a square with an up arrow) at the bottom of the screen

  1. Select an application to share the audio file with


Now, let’s find out how to save voice messages using desktop or browser clients. It’s much easier this way compared to mobile devices.


  1. Open the official web client at and authorize your account. Then open a chat with voice messages

  2. Find the message you want to save and right click on it Select “Download”. The file will be downloaded to your Downloads folder in ogg format

Ogg formats are not widely supported by audio players – the one that works for me is VLC player.


  1. Download and install desktop version of Telegram client
  2. Find the message you want to download, right-click on it and hit “Save As”

  1. Select and destination folder for the file. And remember that ogg files are not widely supported by desktop audio-players. Free VLC player works for me.

That’s it. In most cases, saving a voice message is a couple of clicks. Don’t forget that not everyone likes voice messages, so ask before sending. Or you transcribe feature available in Telegram Premium to convert voice message to text.

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