August 29, 2022

How to download video from Telegram

There are two types of video messages in Telegram:

  1. Square videos. This type was the first one to be introduced in Telegram. These messages contain mp4 or GIFs (the former are animated images, but treated as videos)
  2. Circle videos. These were introduced in version 4.0 and gaining popularity. Video captured with a front smartphone camera have this format. You can convert square clip into circular one with a bot

Download with desktop client

Right-click on the video and select “Save as”. You will be prompted for a path

If you click on the message with the video, you’ll find a download icon in the lower-right corner. The video will be downloaded to a preconfigured folder.

Change this folder in “Settings” -> “Data and Storage” -> “Download Folder”

Download on Android

Click on the download icon on the message containing a video. The file will be downloaded into internal storage at “storage\emulated\0\Telegram”

Download on iPhone

Tap and hold the message with the video. In the message menu, select “Save As”. You’ll get a message that it was saved to the photo gallery

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