August 14, 2022

How to create a channel in Telegram

Telegram channel is a very effective way to interact with your audience. It works as a private blog or a big corporate media. For example, Bloomberg’s ( channel has more than 100k followers.

There are two types of channels – private and public. Public ones are available through built-in search and anyone can subscribe. Private channels do not appear in search results. And subscribers can be invited by the owner or administrator of the channel with a special link. You can switch between channels times anytime.

Owners and administrator can only post and subscribers only read messages in channels. Which is different to group chats. But channels have a “Discussion” feature, so subscribers can still have a place to comment on posts.

How to create a channel

The process of creating a channel is the same on all clients – mobile, desktop, or web. I’ll show you how to do it on desktop/

Launch Telegram, in the chat section, hit new message button and select “New channel”

Hit “Create channel” again and set up the channel’s name and description. Tap on a photo icon and select an avatar for the channel

Select channel type – private or public – and set up a short URL that can be used to invite users by, for example, posting it on other social media. This is the last step.

Your channel is ready – post your content and invite new subscribers.

How to set up channel’s administrator

If you are planning to collaborate with someone and work on your channel together, you need to add your collaborator as an administrator. Click on channel’s name and you’ll see channel’s info page, which you’ll use a lot to tune the channel further.

Select “Add admin” and add administrator from contacts or subscribers. Set up what admin can do with turning on and off the switches.

To see your subscribers, you may click on Subscribers button in the channels info. There you can add or ban subscribers manually. To ban someone, select Edit button in the upper-right corner and click on a red sign next to a user.

Change channel settings

If you made a mistake in the name, description or other setting, you may change then easily from the channels info page anytime. Click on “Edit” button in the upper-right corner. You can change the type, name, avatar and add “Discussions” chat for comments.

Channel statistics

When your channel reaches at least 100 subscribers, you’ll be able to see channels stats. In the channels info page, select “More” button with 3 dots, and choose “Statistics”.

It shows millions of different interesting charts you can use to understand your audience better.

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