August 23, 2022

How to create stickers in Telegram

Define the concept

If you are reading this, most probably you already have an idea of sticker you want to make. Just a reminder, to make your sticker set stand out all the images should be sharing the same idea or theme, hero, jokes, or something else.

Choose emoji

Stickers are a replacement for emojis. There are more than 3000 of them, and you don’t want to cover all. So stick with the most used ones. You can always expand your sticker set later.

The most popular emojis to create stickers are 😂, 😭, 🥺, 🤣, ❤️, ✨, 😍, 🙏, 😊, 🥰, 👍, 💕, 🤔.

You can assign a single sticker to multiple emojis at once, so it’s recommended more often when typing.

How to prepare an image

The most difficult part is to create the images for your stickers. Here are the requirements:

  • File format should be PNG or WebP
  • Size is 512×512 PX
  • Transparent background
  • White outline
  • Shadow
  • A license giving you the right to use the image

The Photoshop template is available here, but you may use any graphic editor you have. Or a mobile app like

Upload your set to Telegram

To create your sticker set in Telegram, start a chat with the official Stickers bot. Click on the link and hit “Start”.

Select /newpack command from the menu

Enter the name of your set

Drag the first image to the application or send it as file

Send the emoji for this particular image

Repeat for each of the images you have. Send /publish command when you are ready

You may set an icon for your set, or send /skip, so the first image is used as an icon

Lastly, Telegram will ask for a short name to prepare a sharable URL for your set

Share your stickers

Now use your new pack in chats or share the link on other social media!

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