August 15, 2022

How to clear cache in Telegram

All pictures, video, attached files and another content from Telegram chats is downloaded to the internal memory of your device. Even if you scrolled thought then quickly, they are still loaded. Thus, Telegram doesn’t download then twice and saves mobile data usage.

You can manage cache size and time-to-live in all Telegram clients. The defaults are that everything is stored forever and never expire. It means that ultimately it’s going to consume all free memory.

But you can clear the cache. Messages and contacts won’t be cleared, only photos, videos, files and some internal data. They won’t disappear, but are removed from the devices only. If you want to get then again you can download them from Telegram servers automatically.

How to clear cache on mobile

In the “Settings” tab, go to “Data and Storage” → “Storage usage”. There is a button, “Clear Telegram Cache”. Don’t worry – it deletes only local copies, all the media is still in the cloud.

How to clear cache on desktop

Cache settings are available at the same screen. In the “Settings” tab go to “Data and Storage” → “Storage usage”. Click “Clear all” to clear the cache. You can also see cache usage by chat.

How to set up automatic cache purge

On the same screens where you cleared cache, you can set up two parameters – how big the cache can be and how fast media in the cache expires.

If you set up maximum cache size if new media is downloaded, Telegram will delete some old files when this limit is reached.

If you set an expiration timer, media would be deleted automatically once it reaches a certain age even if the cache size is not maxed out.

Tune both parameters to match your device memory consumption

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