August 22, 2022

How to add comments to a Telegram channel?

Telegram is not just a messenger. It grew into a huge platform replacing outdated blogging services.

Telegram channels is a feature allowing creation of news feed with blogging elements anyone can subscribe to. One of the things these channels lacked was comments. Later, Telegram developers combined groups chats with channels, making commenting possible.

In 2020 Telegram added a feature everyone was looking for - commenting not on the channel itself, but on an individual post.

If you have a group chat attached to your channel, every post will have a discussion icon. Comments for each post are displayed separately, but users may browse all of them at once in the chat. This feature helps admins to moderate discussion and active subscribers - follow all the discussions.

Here is how you add “Discussions” group chat to your channel

Open your channel and click on it’s name

​​Click on “Edit” button in the upper right corner of the channel’s info page

Click on “Discussion” menu item

Click on “Create a New Group”

Set up new group name

Now the group chat is connected

Every new post will have a chat icon to open the discussions for a specific post

The comment count appears next to the post

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