July 21, 2022

11 trivial mistakes that keep your Telegram store bot from selling more

Regardless of the quality of your product and service, sales can be ruined by trivial mistakes that keep customers from buying from you. Check this list and fix whatever is keeping you from selling more.

You haven’t structured your menu properly

If you have several desserts in the “rolls” section, while drinks, sauces, and fries are loaded into the “other” section, this can make it quite difficult for the customer to order. As much so that he won’t look for the right sauce in all the folders and will make an order for less, or will give up and change his mind about buying something from you altogether.

You haven’t enabled the “Search” feature

You can set up a catalog search in your Telegram store bot to make it easier for users to find an item if they’ve come for something specific. It’s not necessary, but the number of purchases in a store directly depends on how convenient it is for customers to use it, so it’s up to you.

You haven’t added detailed descriptions and photos of products.

In addition to the fact that along with the products it is necessary to upload their photos, in reality the product should look the same as in the photo, not to disappoint customers. Don’t forget to add a detailed description of the products: composition, recommendations for use, care, and so on.

The more useful information you include, the fewer questions and objections your customers will have.

Qrong price

The cost of an item is one of the factors that customers rely on to make a purchasing decision. If it’s written with an extra zero or not specified, users are very likely not to choose this product.

Not connected payments provider

In this case, shoppers simply won’t be able to pay for their orders, and the Telegram store bot will simply lose its meaning.

Support doesn’t respond to messages on time

Reporting to support is the easiest way to find out if something in your store is not working as it should and quickly fix it.

That’s why it’s critical that support responds to every request in a timely manner, so there are fewer dissatisfied customers and the shopping process is error-free.

Don’t remind people that you have a Telegram store

It’s important to do more than just spread the word on your website and social media once you’ve set up your Telegram store. You need to regularly remind people of its existence, emphasizing that it is more convenient to place orders here, and to gather the most loyal audience in the messenger.

Sending useless newsletters.

At best, nobody will read them, and at worst, people will block your Telegram store bot. The newsletter should be useful and informative.

Give customers a promo code that doesn’t work

It’s frustrating when you expect a discount or gift, but at the time of buying, a promo code doesn’t work or doesn’t apply to your order. To avoid upsetting your customers, read carefully how to create a promo code properly.

Not tracking the effectiveness of your ads

If you advertise your Telegram store on third-party platforms, be sure to track where your traffic is coming from. This will help to strengthen the effective channels of promotion and in time to abandon ads that do not bring the desired results.

Not doing product analytics

To sell more and understand your customers better, it’s important to analyze their actions and metrics in the bot.

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