January 16, 2023

How to sell access to private group on Telegram with telegr.store

After you’ve set up your bot with telegr.store you may start adding different products One of the most requested feature of telegr.store is selling access to private groups. If you have a private group (a chat, not a channel) you may add a paywall - your subscribers would need to pay to access the group. Since Telegram added topics to groups, that might be a great way to monetize your community. Read more

January 15, 2023

How to create Telegram payment bot and connect it to telegr.store

In this post you’ll learn how to create a Telegram bot, connect payments to it and host it on telegr.store. Here is a video version of this manual Creating a bot Telegram created a special bot called BotFather (a reference to a famous film “God Father”) that gives birth to all other bot in the platform. Open Telegram client in the desktop (it’s more convenient to set up bot from that desktop than from mobile) and search for BotFather in the search menu. Read more

September 4, 2022

How to find and listen to music in Telegram

There are a number of bots in music Telegram which you can use to listen to any song. It’s a grey area in terms of copyright, so please use it for demonstration purposes and support the artists you listen to through different means. The Most popular bots All the bots may connect to VK account if you have one. Without the account, the bots can search a vast music library on VK and have top chart with new and popular music. Read more

August 29, 2022

How to download video from Telegram

There are two types of video messages in Telegram: Square videos. This type was the first one to be introduced in Telegram. These messages contain mp4 or GIFs (the former are animated images, but treated as videos) Circle videos. These were introduced in version 4.0 and gaining popularity. Video captured with a front smartphone camera have this format. You can convert square clip into circular one with a bot Download with desktop client Right-click on the video and select “Save as”. Read more

August 23, 2022

How to create stickers in Telegram

Define the concept If you are reading this, most probably you already have an idea of sticker you want to make. Just a reminder, to make your sticker set stand out all the images should be sharing the same idea or theme, hero, jokes, or something else. Choose emoji Stickers are a replacement for emojis. There are more than 3000 of them, and you don’t want to cover all. So stick with the most used ones. Read more

August 22, 2022

How to add comments to a Telegram channel?

Telegram is not just a messenger. It grew into a huge platform replacing outdated blogging services. Telegram channels is a feature allowing creation of news feed with blogging elements anyone can subscribe to. One of the things these channels lacked was comments. Later, Telegram developers combined groups chats with channels, making commenting possible. In 2020 Telegram added a feature everyone was looking for - commenting not on the channel itself, but on an individual post. Read more

August 21, 2022

How does Telegram Payments 2.0 work?

Telegram announced support for payments in April 2021. Payments work using bots and allow sellers - bot owners - to accept payments for goods and services from Telegram users. One of the main features is that Telegram doesn’t take commission on transactions and doesn’t collect payment information. Let’s dive into how it works. Settings up a bot for Payments To set up your bot to be able to accept payments you need to open a dialog with BotFather, send /mybots command, select your bot and click on “Bot Settings” -> “Payments”. Read more

August 16, 2022

How to create bot in Telegram

One of the distinguishing features of Telegram is bots. Everyone can create a programmatically controlled special user in Telegram called a bot and Telegram provides an excellent documentation on how to program it - https://core.telegram.org/bots/api In this article, you’ll learn how to register your bot with Telegram. There are 3 different ways to make it do what you need once registered: Code the bot’s logic yourself using many SDKs like https://github. Read more

August 15, 2022

How to clear cache in Telegram

All pictures, video, attached files and another content from Telegram chats is downloaded to the internal memory of your device. Even if you scrolled thought then quickly, they are still loaded. Thus, Telegram doesn’t download then twice and saves mobile data usage. You can manage cache size and time-to-live in all Telegram clients. The defaults are that everything is stored forever and never expire. It means that ultimately it’s going to consume all free memory. Read more

August 14, 2022

How to create a channel in Telegram

Telegram channel is a very effective way to interact with your audience. It works as a private blog or a big corporate media. For example, Bloomberg’s (https://t.me/bloomberg) channel has more than 100k followers. There are two types of channels – private and public. Public ones are available through built-in search and anyone can subscribe. Private channels do not appear in search results. And subscribers can be invited by the owner or administrator of the channel with a special link. Read more

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